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An innovative service utilizes #ConnectedCar Technologies for safe driving!

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How we started

In today’s world terms like connected, Internet of Things (IoT) seem to dominate our future life steps. Any development or application that aims  to bring a better day for tomorrow using technology will be built along with the aspects of connectivity, cloud services, big data analysis.

Having all these in mind, a research team in a small University Lab in Central Greece, began an in-depth study about these technologies: we started building simple and smart devices / applications with connectivity properties and testing their functionality and their adaptability to the new technology trends within the global market. 

On June 2013, we started building a device capable to introduce telematics in any car exploiting the information from the ECU of the car. The purpose of this device was to offer the driver a safety shield and a protection nest against any malfunction of his/her car in real time. We called it “rt-OBD” (real time OBD) device due to the real time notification capability that the device is equipped with.

The idea along with its technical folder submitted to an academic competition of innovations and rt-OBD awarded with the second prize at year 2013.

This award encouraged us to formulate the idea of “rt-OBD” as a research project with scope to build a stand-alone device that would give the control of the vehicle to its owner based on specialized hardware and software independent from any mobile (phone) device.

The idea becomes business

A new version of the rt-OBD followed, as a complete product and service for the protection of any vehicle, its owner and his/her property: Hermes-V (Hellenic Reliable Mobile eServices for Vehicles) was just created!

A few months later, as the effort for the integration of the initial prototype of Hermes-V was going on, we decided to test the potentials of this device in the global market.

We applied to participate in an incubator for startups, theegg (, which belongs to one of the biggest commercial banks in Greece, Eurobank EFG. Following the pitching procedure we were finally selected, as one of the groups to be hosted for a year as a startup company with main purpose to develop and launch to the global market a unique – innovative product / service which will give added value to the customers: Hermes-V.

Today, HERMES-V group succeeded to be included in the top-5 startups for the first six-months hosting at «theegg» incubator and has been selected by the MIT competition in Greece for innovation, within the 25 semifinalists of the competition.

Our vision

Hermes-V team (,which is consisted of passionate young members with complementary expertise, believes that we have just initiated a new vision to the use of any vehicle:

a nest of safe and reliable travel,

introducing telematics in the car,

diagnostics in real time,

and all theses not only for the everyday family cars but for fleet of small or bigger companies, globally.

Features like protection during travelling with the right real time simple messaging / information to the owner are the features we would like to make driving a safer case.

Hermes-V brings the valuable message of vehicle’s health in real-time.

What we offer

A service useful for any end user and repairing company, it provides: the history of any malfunction, valuable information about his/her geolocation, driving behavior, as well as live engine measurements like temperature, voltage, fuel level etc.

Hermes-V realizes telematics, not only to the new vehicles but to all cars registered after 1998. Any symptom of vehicle’s health, even before this will turn on the MIL, it is recorded and stored in a private cloud, independently of any mobile device, offering the owner real time control of his/her vehicle.

It is offered as a low cost service, 24/7, with a low 3 year subscription.

How we inspired our name

The name, Hermes-V, was inspired from the Greek ancient god, Hermes, who was the god of communication, the protector of travelers and the only one responsible among the 12 ancient Greek gods for bringing messages to and from the gods.

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